Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Birmingham

If you are looking to develop your employees’ skills on Microsoft Excel, there are 3 main training options to choose from:

  • Public courses
  • Onsite training
  • Online training

Public Excel Courses

The traditional way to gain new skills has been through public open Excel courses. These have the advantage of providing a range of generic skills and are best suited when you have a single staff member to train. They typical cost of a public open Excel courses is around £300 per person + vat. Such courses are normally available at 3 levels: Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced (some providers may refer to them as Levels 1, 2 & 3). You may have to travel some distance to attend public training as courses are usually only run in a limited number of City locations.  Expect also to share the course with perhaps 15 – 20 other delegates.

Onsite Excel Training

Onsite or ‘in house’ excel courses are a more recent phenomenon and are gaining in popularity. It is perhaps not surprising when one considers the cost implications of training several staff members on a public course. We can attend your offices and deliver Excel training from as little as £55 per employee (based upon 10 delegates at £550 per group). You can read full details on our Onsite Excel Training page. There are also other advantages to the onsite Excel training option:

  • No wasted travelling time or costs.
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Training can be tailored to suit

Online ‘Virtual’ Excel Training

A relatively new concept, live online training is proving to be popular with individuals and Companies alike. Training takes place online with a personal tutor in ‘real time’ and can cover all the topics usually dealt with in a public or onsite course, but in less time. Our Virtual training is conducted as a half-day course, usually on Monday and Friday mornings to suit.

Our Virtual training costs just £225 per person, so is considerably cheaper than a public Excel course, yet it can still be tailored to suit the individual. No special equipment is required and delegates can take part using an ordinary laptop or PC equipped with either speakers and a microphone, or ideally a Skype-style headset. For full details please visit our Online Excel Training page.